zkSync Lite Potential Airdrop Guide

3 min readMar 25


A full guide on how to be eligible for zkSync potential airdrop.

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On this guide, we will use zkSync Lite mainnet. For now we can do only some interaction on zkSync.

Bridge ETH from L1 to L2:

Using Official bridge:

⚡️If you are confused which bridge to use, I say use both official & orbiter finance bridge.

Trade or Swap:

NFT Mint:

  • We can mint NFT on zkSync wallet easily with 3rd party tool. There are many tools, we are going to use Pinata.
  • Go to https://app.pinata.cloud/ > sign up/ Login
  • On Files section, Click ‘+Add Files’ > select file > upload any image
  • After successful upload & files list update, Copy your files CID
  • Paste your copied CID on Content Address > ‘Authorize to Mint NFT’ > Sign on wallet > ‘Mint NFT’ > confirm on wallet | as you can see you need 0.62$ ETH as mint gas fee.

Transfer fund from zksync lite to Era:

If you have low fund, no need to withdraw as cost is almost 5$.

You can transfer fund from Lite to Era with Orbiter Bridge

⚡️That’s it guys, Keep interacting with zkSync Lite & Era.

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