ZKSync Era Testnet Airdrop Guide

4 min readMar 8


A details guide on ZKSync Era testnet potential airdrop guide.

In this guide we will use some Dapps to increase our chance for ZKSync Airdrop.

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Wallet Setup:

Dapps Testing:

Mute Switch

  • Go to Pool > Click ‘Add Liquidity’ > Select ETH & MUTE > Click Manage > Click ‘Approve’, confirm transaction.
  • Go to Amplifier > Click ‘Stake’ > Stake MUTE/ETH LP > Collect reward after hours also try Unstake. (You may face issue)
  • Go to DAO > Lock MUTE token.

MES Protocol

  • Now click on Trade > If you deposit ETH click ‘Sell’ or if you deposit USDC click ‘Buy’ .
  • Keep order type Limit > Enter Limit price(enter running price) > Enter order token quantity > Click ‘Place Limit Sell or Place Limit Buy’
  • Now also do buy/sell on Market order. Procedure is same, just you don’t need to enter price.
  • Now, click on ‘Single Chain Mode’ button to change to Cross Chain Mode, use all features again on Cross Chain Mode.


  • Go to https://syncswap.xyz/ > connect wallet
  • Click on ‘Faucet’ > Click ‘Retweet now’ > Click ‘Claim now’ > Confirm transaction. You will get several token.
  • Now, Use swap feature to swap several times with different token.
  • Select any two tokens > Enter amount > Click Unlock [token name] > Confirm Transaction > Click ‘Swap’ to swap between selected token.
  • Go to https://syncswap.xyz/pool > Click ‘New Position’ > Select any two token you holding > First Turn on ‘Add tokens in balanced proportion’ switch > Enter any amount on first token field second token will fillup auto > Permit/Unlock both token > Click ‘Deposit’ & confirm transaction.

Nexon Finance:

  • Now, click on any token from Supply, borrow market
  • Supply some token(must turn on ‘Use as Collateral’ swtich) > Enter amount > Approve > Supply > Confirm transaction.
  • Borrow token, click Safe Max > Click ‘Borrow’ > Confirm transaction.
  • Repay token, Enter less than max amount > Click ‘Repay’

⚡️That’s it guys. Keep using above dapps every 3–4 days.

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