zkSync Era Mainnet Complete guide

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A full guide on how to interact with zkSync Era mainnet to be eligible for $ZKS potential Airdrop.

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zkSync is a ZK rollup, a trustless protocol that uses cryptographic validity proofs to provide scalable and low-cost transactions on Ethereum.

zkSync raised $458M fund while Arbitrum raised 120M, so you can imagine how big this airdrop can be.

The CEO of Matter Labs hints that the $ZKS would be released in about a year, also this is a confirmation of zkSync Airdrop.

Before start, lets talk about zkSync Lite. If you are new on zkSync. I recommended you to use zkSync lite for some times. New or old this is zksync Lite guide including NFT mint on zkSync & how to withdraw fund from zkSync Lite.

By following this guide, you will be eligible for multiple potential airdrops.

Wallet Setup:


(Official Bridge):

  • Go to https://portal.zksync.io/ > connect wallet with ethereum mainnet.
  • Deposit ETH, Enter eth amount(Recommended to bridge at least 0.02 ETH but if you can deposit 0.1 ETH, you will be ahead of 80% users) > Click ‘Deposit’ > Confirm on wallet.
  • Now, click on ‘Withdraw’ > then withdraw less than 10% you deposited.

(Orbiter Finance Bridge):

❗️If you are confuse, which bridge to use. Use both bridge but must use official bridge.

Dapp Testing:

On this part, we will use dapp that is live on zkSync Era. Swap, add liquidity or stake according to your fund. Use more fund to increase your chance for airdrop & get more token.

Let’s join layer3 Era intro quest: https://layer3.xyz/quests/welcome-to-a-new-era

❗️Right now, Gas fee on zkSync Era per transaction is 1.5$+.

Mute Switch:


  • Go to https://app.mute.io/swap > connect wallet(zkSync Era) > Swap ETH to MUTE > Select both token > enter amount > click on ‘Swap’
  • Again Swap ETH to USDC.

Add Liquidity:

  • Go to https://app.mute.io/pool > Add liquidity on USDC / WETH & MUTE / WETH Pair. (Don’t add all MUTE, keep some for next task)
  • Click on ‘Manage’ > ‘Approve’ > You will get two transaction request, after you approve USDC, you need to confirm add liquidity transaction.
  • Click on ‘Withdraw’ > withdraw some fund


Lets swap & add liquidity using both USDC & SPACE.


Add Liquidity:

  • Select ETH / USDC & SPACE / USDC > enter amount > ‘Approve USDC/SPACE’ > wait some time to update UI > Click ‘Supply’ , ‘Confirm Supply’ > confirm on wallet.


  • Go to https://app.spacefi.io/#/farm > Connect wallet > Select zkSync Era then metamask.
  • Scroll down to LP Pool > Click on ETH-USDC Pool > Click ‘Enable Contract’ > Confirm on wallet.
  • Click ‘Stake’ > Enter max amount > Click ‘Confirm’ > confirm on wallet.
  • Now, Stake LP on SPACE / USDC pool too.

Join & Complete Gleam: https://gleam.io/bKmTY/explore-spacefi-era1-farmer (2 days left)

Claim NFT after data update that will take 1 day: https://galxe.com/spacefi/campaign/GCnTRUm1bm

⚡️Complete layer quest: https://layer3.xyz/quests/spacefi-on-zksync

Mint Square:

Mint NFT:

  • Upload any image > Give it a name, description > Set attributes, see below image for idea > Click ‘Mint’ > confirm on wallet > go to profile.
  • Click on your NFT > Click ‘Sell’ > Click ‘Unlock’.
  • Enter NFT list price > Click ‘List’ > confirm on wallet. Your NFT is listed.

Buy NFT:

You can buy my NFT: https://mintsquare.io/asset/zksync/0x53ec17bd635f7a54b3551e76fd53db8881028fc3/7990

Or You can buy NFT from https://mintsquare.io/explore/zksync/nft

⚡️Complete layer3 quest: https://layer3.xyz/quests/nfts-on-zksync



For galxe NFT, make at least 2 swap.

Add liquidity:

  • Click ‘Deposit’ > Enter USDC amount > Turn on Balanced proportion option > Click ‘Unlock USDC’ > Conifrm on wallet > Click ‘Deposit’ > Confirm on wallet.

NFT & Quest:


Lets join Goal3 Lockdrop. Lockers will get dropped with $GOAL3, 11% of token supply will be distributed through lockdrop.

  • You need to lock minimum 10 USDC(more better) for 3,6 or 12 months.
  • I am locking for 12 months > Click ‘Details’ to open lock option > Enter USDC amount > Click ‘Approve’ > Confirm on wallet > Click ‘Lock’ > Confirm on wallet.


  • Go to https://app.rhino.fi/deposit > connect wallet > select ETH as token > zkSync Era as network > Enter amount > Click ‘Deposit’ > Confirm on wallet.

⚡️That’s it guys, we are in alpha stage on zkSync Era, more project will go live on zkSync Era. I will update this article when needed.

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