StarkNet Mainnet Potential Airdrop Guide.

3 min readApr 1


A full guide on how to be eligible for Starknet potential $STARK token Airdrop.

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On this guide we will bridge ETH to starkner & use some dapps on Starknet.


Argent X:


⚡️Use any wallet.


  • To deposit, Select ETH as token > Enter amount > Click ‘Transfer’ > Confirm on wallet. (Bridge will take time. Bridge when gwei is under 20–25. See gwei here:

Starknet ID:

First, lets mint a starknet id as our identity on chain.

  • If your name is available, you will see a page like below | Change years if you want, for now i am buying for 1 year but i will extend it to 3 years later > click on ‘Register from L2’ > confirm/signin on your wallet.
  • It can take up to 10–15 minutes to complete transaction. You are done here.


  • Go to ‘Pool’ > Click ‘Add Liquidity’ on any pair. (you must have those tokens on wallet)
  • Enter amount > Click ‘Deposit’ > ‘Confirm Supply’ > confirm on wallet
  • You are done here.


  • Go to ‘Pools’ > Select ETH & USDC as tokens> Enter amount > Click ‘Add Liquidity’ > Confirm on wallet

Mint Square:

  • Go to > Click on wallet sign at top-right of page > connect wallet.
  • Go to explore > buy any NFT. Try to buy verified collection NFT.

⚡️That’s it guys. Keep using starknet weekly/do at least one transaction weekly.

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