Script Network Testnet & Beta Airdrop Guide

3 min readMar 9


A full guide on Script network confirmed testnet & Script beta Dapp.

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The Script Network is a video-based blockchain protocol focused on decentralized storage and 24/7 live content. Script Networks products include Script TV, GameFi NFTs, and multiple other dApps currently being built on-chain.

On this article, we will test script network wallet & learn how to earn from beta app & Crew3

Earn on Beta Dapp:

  • Now sign up with your Email, Enter username & Refer Code: f7weGS2uSQ > Click Continue.
  • Create password > Enter verification code from email.
  • After sign up, you will be redirected to Script TV Dashboard where you can see your watch stat, earned points. Scroll down to see your daily task to earn points, these points will be converted to SPAY token after TGE.
  • There are currently 5 task you do daily.
  • So, login daily > complete daily task.

Wallet tesing:

  • Continue & note your Seed Phrase. Click ‘View my Private Key’ also note it.
  • Unlock wallet with keystore/seed phrase/Private Key
  • Click ‘Reveive’ & copy wallet address.
  • To get testnet from faucet, join: > Verify > go to # token-facuet channel > send your address. You will receive test token in hours.
  • Now send some token to other, you can send me 0x8133a6978890ff29126f3cb448ab6f3132c82941
  • To stake, you need to run node. I will make another guide on Node soon.
  • Go to # testnet-feedback channel & give valueable feedback.


Reward is confirmed for Crew3 users, your earned XP will be converted to SPAY token after TGE.

Join crew3:

  • Complete all quest & check regularly for new quest.

⚡️That’s it guys.

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