PublicGoodNetwork — L2 by Gitcoin(Testnet).

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A guide on how to interact with PGN to be eligible for a potential airdrop.

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Gitcoin recently launched PGN — a layer-2 blockchain based on OPchain. On this guide we will interact with PGN testnet.

Wallet Setup:

  • First lets add PGN on metamask, Open metamask > click 3 dot > click ‘Settings’ > ‘Networks’ > ‘Add Network’ > ‘Add a network manualy’ > then enter below data > ‘Save’.

Network Name: Sepolia PGN

RPC Url:

Chain ID: 58008

Currency Symbol: Eth



  • Now, lets withdraw some ETH from PGN, click on double arrow logo.
  • Withdraw some ETH from PGN.
  • Now again click on double arrow > Select TestToken as asset > Click ‘Mint 10 TestToken’ > confirm on wallet.
  • Now, enter TOK > Click Deposit > confirm on wallet for token spending > again confirm on wallet.
  • Again click on double arrow, withdraw some TOK.

⚡️That’s all interaction we can do now on PGN. I will update this article when something needed to add.

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