Omni Network Potential Airdrop Guide.

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A full guide on how to interact with Omni Network testnet to be eligible for a potential airdrop.

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Omni is a layer 1 blockchain that provides an EVM-compatible infrastructure layer by harnessing the power of EigenLayer. It enables seamless integration of Layer 2 rollups like Optimism, Arbitrum, zkSync, and Starkware.

Wallet Setup:

Dapp testing:

  • Go to > connect wallet(Omni testnet) > depoosit 4 omni, enter amount > click ‘Deposit Funds’ > confirm on wallet.
  • Click ‘Withdraw’ > enter amount 1 > click ‘Withdraw’ > confirm on wallet.
  • After some hours, click on ‘Claim’ & claim reward.

NFT mint:

  • Go to > click ‘Login’, login with metamask > click ‘Buidl’ > click ‘Mint’ > Enter your NFT details > select Omni testnet as Network > ‘Submit’

Galxe Campaign:


  • Complete social task & claim two OAT.


  • Complete social task & mint NFT to claim this OAT.



Take role on Guild:

Update 1:

Mission Bounce Finance

⚡️Claim this OAT:

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