Islamic Coin potential airdrop guide

2 min readJul 30


A full guide on how to interact with Haqq Network to be eligible for a confirmed Islamic Coin Airdrop.

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Haqq Network is a Proof-of-Stake blockchain fully compatible and interoperable with Ethereum. Islamic Coin is its native token.

On this guide, we will interact with Haqq network’s mainnet & testnet. Use your testnet wallet & first wallet on metamask(Should have seed phrase). Follow me step by step…


  • Go to > Connect metamask > Login wiith Github > click ‘Switch to chain 56’ > approve chain add request on wallet, switch > Click ‘Request Tokens’
  • Go to > connect wallet (Haqq testnet)
  • Click on any validator > Click ‘Delegate’ > enter amount, click ‘Confirm Delagation’ > sign on wallet 2 times.
  • Now follow same process & delegate ISLMT to total 15 validator.
  • We can also vote on governance here but right now no proposal is active so wait for my alert on tg or check for new proposal.


  • Download Haqq mobile wallet:
  • Open app & click ‘I already have an account’ > Agree > Paste your seed phrase > click ‘Recovery’ > create pin > now click ‘Claim Now’ to claim ISLM token.
  • Now, go to ‘Earn’ section > click ‘Get a ticket’ > after that Click ‘Staking’ at top on earn > click ‘Validators’ > select any validator > click ‘Delegate’ > enter 0.01 at amount > click ‘Preview’ > ‘Delegate’.

⚡️ Complete quest:

⚡️ Claim role:

⚡️That’t it guys, you can keep using testnet. In case of testnet, its all about more transactions.

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