Fileverse Potential Airdrop | test beta & claim early NFT.

3 min readMar 19


A full guide on how to test Fileverse beta dapp & claim early NFT to be eligible for reward.

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Fileverse is a dApp for collaboration & file-sharing between blockchain addresses.

Wallet Setup:

Beta Dapp:

  • Pick Your Chain, Click on ‘Gnosis’ > connect wallet > Click ‘Create Portal’ > Sign on wallet > ‘Download Keys’.
  • Go to ‘Settings’ > Enter your details > Click ‘Save Changes’
  • Go to ‘Home’ > Click on Browse & upload any file > You can choose public or private method to store that file. For task, Upload 3 Public files & 1 private > Sign in.
  • Click on ‘Whiteboard’ on Plugins > Write or Art anything using available tools > give it a name > Click ‘Publish’ > Sign.
  • Click ‘Claim free Storage’ at bottom of page > Claim free storage. You can earn more storage if you have ENS, LENS handle or use SAFE.
  • Now, Click ‘View as member’ > ‘Click here’ on Become a Member > Collect & Join > Sign.
  • Above you claim your portal membership, I think you can also join others portal & mint NFT. Lets try, this is my portal.
  • You can check your NFT on Gnosis Explorer.

⚡️That’s it guys.

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