Dmail x zkSync airdrop strategy.

3 min readAug 1


A guide on how to be eligible for dmail, zksync airdrop by interacting with Dmail.

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Dmail is a web3 email & DID service. We can be eligible for two airdrop by just using Dmail & gas fee is super low.

Follow me step by step:

  • Go to Presale > search your name (8+ character is free) > ‘Lock & Buy’.
  • Click ‘Confirm’ on new page > confirm on wallet.
  • Go to DID > Enable DID as web3 email address > select any of your domain name.
  • Now, sent email to others, send me email on this address or alaminh.eth > click on ‘Compose’ > enter others DID > you don’t need to enter principal id, just click on ‘Principal id’ button to hide this field > send.
  • Comment your DID on telegram post of this article & send email to each other.
  • Sending email required contract interaction, so 1 mail send = 1 zkSync txn (low fee than normal txn).
  • There are some daily task we can do to collect points, send email with zkSync, BSC chain. You can change chain on email compose page.

⚡️That’s it guys. Appear on Dmail daily & complete daily task & be eligible for Dmail & zkSync Airdrop.

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