Avail Light Client Node Setup guide

3 min readApr 4, 2024


A complete guide on how to setup Avail light node to be eligible for potential rewards.

$AVAIL raised $27M. It’s a modular network just like $TIA.

Step by step →

Buy VPS:

  • Go to https://pq.hosting/?from=629437 > register.
  • Click ‘’Virtual Private Server’’ from menu > click ‘’Order’’ > again click order on 8$ per month package.
  • Change ‘’Operating system’’ to Ubuntu 22.04 > click ‘’Pay’’ > select Bitcoin/Ethereum/USDT as payment method.
  • Create new payer > select payer > ‘’Place Order’’ > Pay with your chosen cryptocurrency(I recommended BSC USDT)
  • In some minutes, your VPS will be active to use.
  • After your VPS is active, set your vps password > click on ‘’3 dot’’ > ‘’To panel’’ > another site will open, you may face issue to open this site, just keep trying
  • Again click ‘’3 dot’’ > ‘’Change password’’ > enter a strong password > ‘’Save’’

Setup node:

  • Go to https://termius.com/ > sign up with email > download terminus app for your available device > Open app, sign in with email.
  • Again go back to ‘’Virtual Private Server’’ page > double click on your vps > copy IP address.
  • Back on terminus, click ‘’Hosts’’ > ‘’New Host’’ > enter IP address > ‘root’ as username & your vps password you set before > click ‘’Connect’’
  • A terminal will open > you need to run some command one by one(see below image, on red mark you can see the first two command I run)
  • Here is the list of command https://t.me/ClaimDropAC/17427
  • On last command process, your node will start running, you will get avail public key, copy it.
  • Press CTRL + A + D to minimize node process & keep node running in Background.

Now, Complete task & claim participation NFT.

  • Download sub wallet > create account > save seed phrase.
  • Go to https://lightclient.availproject.org/ > connect sub wallet.
  • Complete all challenges, on challenge 4 submit Avail public key that you copied from last command on terminal.
  • Before mint participation NFT, open sub wallet > scroll down, manage tokens > search & enable AVL > copy address > go to https://faucet.avail.tools/ > request test token.
  • Now, mint participation NFT.

⚡️That’s it guys.

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