ArbShib Airdrop | For ARB Eligible User | Instant Sell.


Early Claim More Reward, Reward will decrease when more people claim.Currently worth $17+.

⚡️ArbShib Airdrop | For ARB Eligible ⚡️

❗️Right now, gas fee is so high. So DYOR(Do at your own risk)

⚡️Claim Here:
➖Claim Need 3$ or more Fees

➖C A: 0xF1A82bfA7fCEb8B8741e7E04a6B8EfD348cA6393

➖After swap Revoke Contract Avoid Loss of Money :

This memecoin is inspired by $AIDOGE. I claimed & holding for now. Always take profit. Sell when you wish to.

❗️If you still not join with us on telegram, you are missing many opportunities to earn like profitable airdrop, Free NFT mint also I post every update on telegram so must join on Telegram.




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